DIY ideas:

Composite rear rack constructed of readily available materials. Weight less than 400 grams.

Welcome. In this section you’ll find a mix of projects and gear adaptations that are intended to solve bikepacking problems we’ve experienced. Our general approach to design extremely light and durable elements that provide for additional flexibility in packing and carrying gear. Having a little extra storage volume can reduce the time spent packing and unpacking bikes. Getting weight off the handlebars increases control, while reducing fatigue and injury potential. Lowering the centre of gravity of a loaded bikepacking rig is also helpful to the rider.

Original designs have been constructed using readily available materials and basic hand tools. Sewing projects can generally be completed with simple home sewing machines, however results improve if an industrial grade unit is used. All ideas and projects are undertaken at your own risk and expense.

This website is intended to only portray items that the authors have not seen covered elsewhere. is a fantastic resource! may also give you some ideas.

Happy DIYing!

Cheers … Sara, and @AbMtnGuy