Aerobar lift-kit

This little project has been made from some scraps of X Pac VX21 and closed cell foam, and raise the elbow rests by about one inch. The aero bars are a light carbon construction.

  • X Pac VX21 scraps being sewn into a lift kit for aerobars. The original thin pads are being sewn to the face of the fabric. The two yellow 1/2" foam pads visible at the top of the image will be inserted into the each pocket.
  • Cutting and shaping the four 1/2" closed cell foam pads.
  • The top edge has a double 1/2" fold. The sides are sewn with a 1/" seam allowance and the bottom corners (will be closest to the rider) are sewn to create a smooth'ish shape.
  • Completed 1" lift-kit.