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A versatile bag that securely mounts on either side of the top tube and can be opened and closed with one hand. This bag is highly flexible with the Bikepackers Foundry integrated Velcro OneWrap mounting system determining shape and width. The roll-top closure can be left open and used to secure water bottles, bear spray, and other bulky items. Internal stiffener hold the bag in place while still allowing access to frame bag zippers and other closures.  An elastic cord (not shown) connects the bottom of the bag to the downtube and prevents movement. V2 StraddleBag can be use as a single bag or in pairs.

V2 StraddleBags are designed to play nicely with top tube “gas tanks”, handlebar mounted feed bags, and most frame bags. Up to three pairs of bags can be mounted to most bikes, including full suspension rigs.

Bahama Blue VX-21 StraddleBag mounted on an XS Rove E+ pedal assist bike.
Pair of StraddleBags mounted on the same bike.
Black VX-21 StraddleBag (left-mounted)

Spanish Teal VX-21
Coyote Brown VX-21Deep Purple VX-21Port VX-21Black VX-21Green 250 gsm “pack raft” fabricBahama Blue VX-21

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 4 cm

Black VX-21, Deep Purple VX-21, Port VX-21, Spanish Teal VX-21, Coyote Brown VX-21, Bahama Blue VX-21, Green 250gsm "pack raft" fabric

Returns Policy

Bikepackersfoundry.com wants our customers to be happy with their purchases. Please email me if you would like some assistance with installation and use.

If you are not happy for any reason you can return your purchase within 30 days of purchase. Items must be in New and Resalable condition. This includes the cards the straps come on. If there are Velcro straps that you cut to fit on your bike, please keep them and a small fee will be deducted from your refund.

Please contact sara@bikepackersfoundry.com for a return shipping address.

There will be a $25 restocking fee applied to all items returned. Happy Riding everyone!

6 reviews for V2 StraddleBag, $45

  1. Ainsley

    This bag is the best! It was a piece of gear I was missing without knowing that I needed it. Riding a medium framed bike I always found that I could not always fit everything I needed in an easily accessible place. When I added the straddlebag to my current setup, it made for a perfect place for my multitool and sunscreen on one side and fit a day’s worth of snacks on the other. It was always super easy to access and kept my candy dry throughout even the worst of Patagonia rain storms. 

    • AbMtnGuy

      Thanks for the review Ainsley! Glad you are enjoying the StraddleBags.

  2. Megan Dunn

    These bags are a super neat addition to any bikepacking setup, as well as being great for stowing the couple of pieces of gear you need to have with you around town. I’ve been using them for bike locks, spare gloves, keys, cards, phone, emergency snacks, even a coffee! And when you’re out fully loaded, I found them the perfect spot to stow my waterproof gloves, or a buff and a hat – those small extra layers that you really want handy, but that sometimes end up getting lost in bigger bags. For someone on a small frame, this is a great way to expand your bike storage, and keep those few items super handy instead of having to stuff them into a bigger bag, where they end up getting lost (especially after a convenience store stop, when my eyes are bigger than my bike bags, and I end up having to shove food ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE!)

    • AbMtnGuy

      Thanks for the review Megan, greatly appreciated!

  3. Cricket Butler

    I have been using a pair of StraddleBags for almost a year now and I use it on my bikepacking bike and my daily rider also. It adds just a little more carrying capacity without adding bulk. It is positioned so it does not interfere when I stand up on the pedals and it also provides easy access to a few key items I carry with me without having to stop to access them. Brilliant Design. One of my favorite bags without a doubt!!!!

    • sarabpf

      Thank you Cricket. So glad we be part of your bike adventures! Happy riding.

  4. Lori Downey

    These little straddle bags are so handy 👏 They can hold a lot more than you’d think at first look!! I’ve used them for two months now and find they are very secure . I keep my tools on one side perfect fit closed tightly, and a water bottle, iphone a snack or a buff on the other. Or can hold bearspray and a water bottle securely . Definitely recommend 👍. I use it with my roll top frame bag and it stays flat against the frame . When you aren’t using them they are not in the way at all but you will always find a good use for them even on short rides!!

    • AbMtnGuy

      Thanks for the review Lori!

  5. Steve, My Back 40 Podcast

    I picked up a set of these babies at the last Bikepack Canada Summit. What a great addition to the kit. They are perfect for utilizing dead space up by the head tube.

    I use them for food mostly. They are about the same size as a ZipLock sandwich sized freezer bag, so I use those as a lightweight liner. I usually stuff mine with nuts, cheese, chocolate etc. They are the perfect little snack holders and with the rolltop and fastener system, you can get in and out with one hand.

    When it comes to function, design and workmanship, Guy is the…. well, he’s the guy!!!

    Thanks Steve. I’m actually just the dad, Sara is the real maker. Cheers … Guy

  6. Martin Schoenherr

    These bags are great!Way less clutter than a bar type bag. You hardly know their in the bike and add a lot of food storage space. Perfect size for PB&J sandwiches. Great for Bikepack or gravel racing where you want a decent easy access fuel load.

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