Route weather forecasting:

The desktop version of has some excellent tools to generate your own route weather predictions and a single graphic that displays a great deal of information.

This example is from the 2022 Buckshot. The 417 km GPX route has been loaded into Windy, Car, hiking is selected and the ground speed adjusted to 6 km/h to project route weather over a ~60 hour elapsed time period.
Select Distance & planning (red arrow bottom left) which will allow you to select an load a GPX file.
In this example I’ve loaded the Kenab to Grand Canyon SoBo segment of a WWR.
Left-clicking on the More options… button brings up a menu. Selecting “Share route” generates a unique URL for the route.

My preference is to copy and paste the URL into a Trip Planning Document for use by myself and others.

Clicking on the link below opens the current Windy forecast for the above example.