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Fork & dropper post care

A couple of DIY additions that work well for me.
1. Regular applications of a very small amount Finish Line Stanchion Fluoro Oil. (Just enough to wet the wiper.) I use it on both the fork and dropper post. There is a noticeable improvement in performance, particularly on dropper posts carrying a seatbag. A bottle weighs a few grams and lasts for more than 100 applications. We also use it on my wife’s full-squish trail bike.
2. Inserting a closed-cell foam block into the bottom of the steerer tube. This keeps the tube clean and seems to eliminate star-nut corrosion and related premature failures. The block is cut big enough to stay in place with a 48″ x 3/4″ static strap and buckle, a 48″ x 3/4″ length of OneWrap, and some zip ties stored in the resulting space.

Picture of the tiny bottle of fluoro lube I’ve been using regularly for several years. The yellow foam plug is visible in the bottom of the steerer tube.
48 x 3/4 inch static strap National Molding Standard Tension Release buckle, 48 x 3/4 inch OneWrap, six zip ties, and closed cell foam plug cut from the corner of an old sleeping mat.

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