Cold weather cycling ideas: insulated brake levers, goggle wind screen, catalytic hand warmers, USB rechargeable handwarmer/cache battery, flask “protection”.

A cold and snowy ride home from a recent overnighter was a good reminder of the need to apply some insulation to the brake levers on the bike. This quick project will help keep fingers warmer when braking. The addition will even help if you’re using pogies.

Snow goggle nose piece. To break the wind when cycling this small piece of fabric is attached to the nose bridge with double face tape.

Catalytic hand warmers work very well inside pogies when riding in very cold conditions. A complete fill typically provides heat for about 8 hours. The lines on the squeeze bottle are one complete fill.

A pair of Zippo catalytic hand warmers and graduated fuel bottle.

USB rechargeable hand warmers/cache battery. There are a number of different models available through Amazon for under $30. The pictured unit is several years old and continues to perform well after hundreds of cycles. Eddie Bauer does not consistently carry this item. The power switch can be easily be inadvertently turned on, hence the stick on patch to protect the switch. The unit can also be recharged from other cache batteries. patch on a titanium flask
Patches provide some insulation for the fingers from a cold flask