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The BottleCradle will securely hold a cycling water bottle, while providing for easy one-handed drinking access.  It will also hold larger diameter bottles including a 1 litre Aquabot Nalgene and also the Vargo Bot 1 litre titanium sealed pot.  All straps for mounting to the seat tube and and top tube are included.  Installation and removal is quick and easy with no tools required.  Fits a wide variety of top tube / seat tube configurations.  No need for bottle cages and bosses or special adaptors!

Installed weight is less than 80 grams. Construction is VX-21, with polyester webbing, and plastic stiffeners. The 2.5 mm elastic cord is adjustable and field replaceable without tools.  Please note that the elastic cord is knotted, not finished, to eliminate a potential rattling point.

Compatible with regular and many dropper seatposts where at least 10 cm is available between the top tube and the underside of the nose of the saddle.  Prior to ordering, check your clearance by standing astride the bike with your bottle being held in position against the top tube.

All pictures are with the BottleCradle attached to an extra small full-suspension bike.

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Weight 80 g
Dimensions 26 × 11 × 11 cm


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