Jones H-loop handlebar harness system

This is a simple and ultralight (90 gram) harness system for securing various loads to the handlebars while also protecting them from friction damage by straps.

Materials: 2 metres of 19mm strap from MEC <C$3, 2 pairs of Nexus Air Lock buckles from MEC C$3, 2 D-Rings to be sewn to the loose end of each strap C$1.50 (optional), Velcro Industrial Strips C$15 (Enough to do a few bikes and solve other gear mounting problems.)

Sea to Summit, Seal Line, Outdoor Research, and others all have various weights and sizes of bags that may also meet your needs. The MEC “Nano” series of dry bags are not recommended as the materials are too light for sustained use.

A completed strap with the seam rippers showing the outer ends of the Hook Velcro segments sewn to the strap.
Close-up of one the Hook Velcro segments sewn to the strap. The distances in centimetres are from the buckle, similar to previous image.
Salsa EXP dry bag loaded with winter layers,. Note the bear spray and wildlife horns mounted to the Loop Velcro patches on the handlebar, and then the straps looped over them. Still a number of hand positions available with this mounting arrangement.
Front view of bag and straps