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The FenderBag provides protection and storage in front of the down tube.  The multi-point mounting system allows the bag to also function as a fender.  The shape and length of the bag can be adjusted for widely varying loads, bike styles, and pedal and tire clearances.  The empty bag is ~70 cm long with a circumference of ~32 cm.  Long and heavy object such as water bottles, fat bike tubes, spare parts and tools, tent poles and pegs, and many fishing rod cases will slide into this top-loading bag.  The bag is sized for easy insertion and removal of standard 1 or 1.4 litre Nalgene bottles.  Six included straps secure the bag and contents to the frame, while also shaping the load and minimizing movement.  The flexing of the material while riding aids in shedding mud.  Effective loading of this bag can help lower the bike’s centre of gravity and also reduce weight on the handlebars.  Total installed weight with all straps is ~140 grams.  The bag can be used empty as just a fender and protection for the downtube. Construction is X-Pac VX21, nylon webbing, Duraflex buckles, and Velcro One-Wrap strapping.  This bag and closure is water resistant but not waterproof.  The roll-top closure also adjusts the length of the bag to fit a wide range of bike types and sizes. Such as a small (Salsa Cutthroat pictured) or extra small (Liv full-suspension pictured) bike frames.

Utilizes Bikepackers Foundry unique interlocking Velcro hook & loop securement and tensioning system that requires no bottle bosses or permanent attachment points on the bicycle frame.

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Weight 140 g
Dimensions 26 × 11 × 6 cm

4 reviews for FenderBag, $120

  1. Joanne Maurice

    I recently purchased the Fender bag and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! I have a small framed bike and finding room to store all my bike packing gear is at a premium! Now I can store my tent poles, pegs, tent foot print, spare tubes and have room for a few other items!!!
    I am extremely happy with my purchase and the customer service I received from BikePackers Foundry was fantastic!!!
    Highly recommended!!!!!😊😊

    • sarabpf

      Thank you Joanne. Enjoys your rides!

  2. Lori Downey

    I’ve been using my new fender bag on my karate monkey for two months now and several overnighters. To be honest, I was a little unsure about having a bag underneath the down tube as I worried if my pedals might rub or push it over or that I might catch it in something. But it proved me wrong!!! I’ve been carrying my entire tent/poles plus a spare tube, and it so darn handy to have the tent down there and off of my bars!! I feel my bike is so much more balanced front to back now. I’ve had no movement with it m, it’s very secure!! At first I had to figure out how to roll my tent the right length (about elbow to fingertip ) and Guy gave me some Velcro straps to cinch it up tightly so now it’s slides in and out so easily packing and unpacking has become so much simpler for overnighters.
    It does keep the frame cleaner and it washes off nicely with just a damp rag. What a great invention 👏👏

    • AbMtnGuy

      Thanks for the review Lori! It’s very interesting how much can fit between frame and front wheel of a non-suspension bike. For reference, Lori uses a Mountain Equipment Co-op Spark 1 tent, which is very similar to the MSR Hubba NX.

  3. Jenna Nodding

    The fender bag is the cat’s meow! I used it on my last overnight trip and loved being able to store my tent poles, pegs, and tent body in this bag. The bike felt impressively balanced, agile, and could roll over anything. My bike (Intense spider pro) is a dual suspension (130 up front, 140 in the rear) and I did not have any issues with clearance. Clever set up and I am very glad to have this option now!

    • sarabpf

      Thank you Jenna. Enjoy your adventures!

  4. Steve, My Back 40 Podcast

    I’ve used the FenderBag on a few trips now and I just love it. To be able to efficiently use that area to store stuff is just brilliant and the fender feature is such a bonus. If you have a bike with a more progressive geometry like I do, you’re likely frustrated by how small your frame bag is. This piece solves that problem.

    There’s enough room to carry my cook kit, tarp, stakes, cord and groundsheet as well as a tube, if I pack it right. Being able to carry bulky, heavier items down low like that allows more room in the frame bag for more frequently needed items. Ride quality is also improved by moving this load lower on the rig.

    I was worried that there would be some lateral movement of the bag while riding but, when secured with a couple of voile straps, it stays put.

    It may be a simple looking piece of kit, but there was a lot of thought and effort put into its design and workmanship and is exactly what you’d expect from products produced by Bikepackers Foundry.

    If you’re on the fence about this piece, pull the trigger. You’ll dig it!

    Thanks for the review Steve. Much appreciated!
    Steve is riding with a mid-2019 prototype that used a slightly different attachment system. The current version is supplied with the strapping system that is more secure than Voile straps and about half the weight. Voile straps are a superb product and will also serve very well in this and many other applications.

    • AbMtnGuy

      Thanks for the review Steve! Much appreciated. Steve is riding with an mid-2019 prototype. While you can use a Voile type ski strap, the supplied strap system has eliminated almost all lateral movement and is about half the weight of a pair of Voile straps.

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