Light with both white and yellow lights on highest settings

Low cost LED lighting systems

I started experimenting with inexpensive lights for bikepacking in Fall 2020. There were several other models that were returned due to poor performance or quality issues (Everbeam). The two different sets of lights outlined here have been simply excellent and at a cost of less than C$50 (in 2020) for four lights represent great value. These lights were all purchased at full price from Amazon. Over the last few years LED lighting components have become more powerful and capable. Highly capable lighting systems are now available with weights of less than 100 grams for the handlebar lights and less than 25 grams for each blinky light. All of these lights have excellent run times and also recharge quickly. Each package contains two bright LED headlamps from RSH with excellent controls and six lighting functions, and two charging cables. On the highest setting the lights will run for several hours and on low about 8 hours. The headlamps have both a constant-on switch and a separate motion-sensing switch. There are separate white and yellow LED’s rated at 1,000 lumens total. These lights can be direct mounted to handlebars by making the simple modification pictured below. Front and rear warning lights (blinky lights), in the tent for illumination, and around camp when cooking or eating. These lights from Leyic were originally $14 and the price has now increased by about 50%. These lights also include to USB charging cables, and 4 rubber mounting straps. Recharging takes about 1 hour and the lights will run on the lowest setting for about 12 hours. While cycling I prefer the strobe mode for both front and rear lights. Information about charging systems and other lights can be found here.