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Innovative bag that quickly mounts to your bike seat with two included Voile 20″ straps.  This system provides a very secure and stable under-seat storage solution for your lighter bulky items.  The roll-top closure enables rapid loading and compression prior to strapping to your bike.  The SeatBag allows for unrestricted use of the dropper post.  This bag is also excellent for riders with limited seat rails to tire clearances. Loaded with about 5 litres of contents the bag only requires 12 cm (~5 inches) of space between seat rails and the rear tire. The unique composite internal stiffening system works with the Voile straps to compress the bag up into the seat and minimize sag and wag.  Construction of XPac VX-21 with a total weight of ~175 grams (6.2 ounces).

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Want to bikepack with a dropper post, or looking for a seat bag suitable for limited tire to seat rail clearances?  This bag system has been developed and tested to create a stable  under-seat storage solution for your lighter bulky items*. The design of the SeatBag allows for unrestricted use of the dropper post, unless you’re limited by seat rails to tire clearance of less than about 12 cm (~5 inches).  * weights compatible with your dropper post, tire clearances, and cargo will need to be determined by you.

Usage:  Load and close the bag off the bike, fasten and tighten front Voile strap to seat rails, feed rear Voile strap through both seat rails and tension one side of the rear strap, insert loose end of rear Voile strap into buckle and tension the other side of the strap.  Check position of bag and re-tension as appropriate.  Mounting typically takes under a minute, and removal about half that time.


Filled bag ready for strapping to a bike seat.
Example of the SeatBag contents suitable for dropper post usage. Full-zip rain pants, down hooded jacket, heavy extra large mitts, synthetic filled vest, and 1 liter Vargo BOT pot and stove system.
Key features:
– very stable with a variety of contents
– mounts with two 20 inch Voile straps  which lift and compress the bag and limits lateral movement.  Please note: If you want to carry larger and heavier loads also order a 32″ Voile Strap.
– accessible without removing the SeatBag from your bike.
– can be used on any bicycle with suitable seat rail to tire clearances.  Allowing you to have one seat bag for multiple bikes.
– mounting loops for rear light.
– designed to be packed prior to mounting to the seat.
– bag with two 20″ Voile straps ~175 grams.
– construction of black X-Pac VX21, and internal composite stiffening components
– Constructed with highly water resistant fabrics, however the seams and closure are not waterproof.
– there are no straps around the seat post. (there is a daisy chain loop on the front of the bag if you want to secure the bag to the seat post.
Interior view of open SeatBag.
Interior view of open SeatBag.


Fairly full bag with the dropper post all the way down. 
Top view of SeatBag
Top view of SeatBag

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 8 cm

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