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Lightweight DIY meals

Here’s a favorite bikepacking meal.  Ingredients can usually be found in most grocery stores.  Super easy to prepare in advance and loaded with about 750 calories.  Typically costs less than $3/meal.

2 – blocks Organic millet & brown rice ramen = 480 calories (Costco product)

1 pouch of Lipton Chicken Noodle Supreme Cup-a-soup = 60 calories

1 teaspoon Litehouse freeze-dried ginger

1 tablespoon Litehouse freeze-dried poultry herb blend (both Lighthouse products are usually in the refrigerated salad dressings area of grocery stores)

1 can solid light tuna packed in olive oil ˜200 calories (weight 85 grams) or substitute nuts, jerky, etc.


Preparation: Break up the ramen in a bowl and then add to a 1 litre  “medium” zip-lock freezer bag …. not a sandwich bag.

Combine rest of ingredients, except tuna, in bag, and seal.

When ready to “cook” add a can of tuna with the oil and then add 450 ml of boiling water, and seal bag.  Wrap bag in something to keep it warm.  Wait 5-15 minutes* while stirring bag occasionally to mix contents. *altitude dependent

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