Hidden handlebar roll

Here’s an simple project to create some handlebar storage from up-cycled packraft fabric scraps, a short length of small-dimension webbing or paracord, and a bar-end plug. A fabric width of 3″ and a length of about 10″ works with both carbon fibre and alloy handlebars. Completed weights are under 10 grams (excluding items). The first image: L-R; bacon fork and 5 strips, super glue & applicator, 11 speed quick link, 4 – 7″ 50# zip ties, complete spare tubeless valve stem, core, and cap, spare valve core, valve core wrench, completed DIY handlebar roll ready for use. If using a different type of fabric test it first to ensure that it has the dimensional stability to hold items and smoothness to allow for easy insertion into your handlebar.