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RWGPS Ride Reports

Titanium Pinion/Gates Drive bicycle in a field of wildflowers in the Upper Elk Valley.

This post is a “home” for links to my Ride Reports.

High Rockies Trail & Elk Lakes Local Overnighter – a solo August 2023 S24O.

Mount Costigan Local Overnighter – a July 2023 ride with friends on the Lake Minnewanka Shoreline Trail.

Nordegg Alberta Local Overnighter – a June 2023 area scouting trip with Kevin.

Stoney Creek Local Overnighter – a May 2023 ride to test the lightest luggage system I’ve ever created.

Galiano Island Overnighter – a May 2023 trip with the Vancouver Island Bikepacking Collective.

Yet another Lake Minnewanka Ride Report – an April 2023 overnighter on the Slowest Known Time Machine.

Cascade Valley easy spin – a March 2023 local overnighter to test at recently dislocated shoulder – test successful.

Redearth Creek and Shadow Lake fatbiking – March 2023 perhaps the stickiest snow I’ve ever biked in. Fun was had!

Elbow Valley Winter Overnighter – a February 2023 ride that was primarily the most tiring bike-pushing I’ve ever done.

Lake Minnewanka Winter Overnighter – a January 2023 trip to test some new gear systems on the SKT Machine.

N+0 on the GDMBR. The prototype Bikepackers Foundry Ultra 200 CompressionPanniers (~20 litres & 180 grams each) are performing very well after about 1,000 km. Likewise with the matching custom Ultra 200 StraddleBags. Only having five bags makes packing a breeze. The total weight of all luggage and 610mm composite integrated rear fender/rack is less than 1,500 grams. The 700mm carbon corner bars make for a fun and comfortable ride. While the bike may appear to be back-heavy, in fact the the centre of gravity is low and 50-75mm forward of the cranks.

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