Tool and storage systems

The lowly 1/4″ hex drive bit can be an excellent way to build up a lightweight, versatile and compact tool set specific for your needs. The ability to add, subtract, and replace bits adds flexibility that multi-tools can’t provide. Park Tool and Genuine Innovations items were ordered from the LBS. The heavy needle, dental floss, and electrical tape that are usually around the Park Tool handle section were removed for this picture. The examples here don’t include any chain tools. The PS4 pliers can usually deal with quick links. Check compatibility with your chains in advance, and grind down the jaws if required.

Every day carry Leatherman Squirt PS4 and Park Tool MT-1 can deal with many common adjustments and repairs. Both are pictured above with a DIY tool set with reversible ratchet and extension assembled from a mix of German and Taiwanese tool makers. The tire plugging kit is from Genuine Innovations.

Information on creating the hidden rolls can be found here.